Phantom Developments

9033 Leslie Street

Richmond Hill
Site Type:
Richmond Hill
M-1, By-law exemption 13.9, by-law 108-90
Nearest Intersection:
Highway 7 and Hwy 404
Permitted Uses:
M-1 zoning allows for the following uses: Public Uses: Refer to Section 6.11 (2) of By-law 150-80 Industrial Uses Permitted: • Warehousing of goods and materials but not including a transportation terminal • Manufacturing and assembly of goods and materials • Printing establishments • Research and development • Offices accessory to permitted uses on the same lot Commercial Uses: • Retail sale of goods manufactured on the premises, but retail area must not exceed 10% of total floor area • Offices accessory to permitted use, or not accessory as long as they do not exceed 15% of total floor area • Data processing,
Vacant Units:
9033 Leslie Street